New social support group for local men

Torbay Weekly

Torbay has a new social support group for men, created by Alan Milligan, called Torbay Mens Minds.  
Already boasting a growing following on Facebook, Torbay Mens Minds is a social support group for men who are looking for support surrounding their own mental health and the effects it has on us when losing loved ones to mental health problems.  
“The idea is to bring men together to support and remove the stigma surrounding men’s mental health,” said Alan.  
“We have a private group chat, so men can talk easily with each other and they do not feel alone. We already have over 60 members on there.  
“We also arrange and organise social events for men to meet each other to help build relationships, meaning less men feel alone.  
“Please see our Facebook page for more information and also our new video to help promote the group and connect.”