New car stock shortage with world computer chips deficit

Torbay Weekly

New car dealers are bracing themselves for a shortage of stock in the third quarter as the global shortage of computer chips halts production.

Jaguar Land Rover has already shut its two main factories and Ford, Renault,  and Stellantis, which includes Vauxhall, Peugeot, and Fiat, are all taking action as world demand continues to grow.

Cars and commercials are reliant on semiconductors to drive management systems, driver aids, entertainment gadgets and cameras.

Computer sales have been driven up by the Covid pandemic forcing many employees to work from home putting further pressure on supply and a fire at a Renesas factory in Japan has added to the problem.

What does this mean for the British motorist?

Already there are shortages of used cars and prices are rising and there will be delays on certain new car supplies.

If you can get what you want this is a great time to update your car and there is already increased demand as showrooms reopened this month after a long lockdown period.

Dealers will also be keen to buy your used car so check the value at a number of sources to ensure you get the best price.

Commercial vehicles are also affected and stocks are expected to run out before the end of June.

Already some auction houses have seen shortages of vans and dealer’s stocks are already low.

If you are likely to change your car or van in the next six months talk to your dealer now.

It has not been surprising to see the return of many customers to all the retail businesses which have reopened and this is expected to gather further momentum when hospitality opens in full from May 17.

Bookings for the summer are at record levels and it is almost impossible to find any available accommodation in the South West before the beginning of October.

This will create much-needed income for all the hospitality industry and there is increased optimism for sport, theatre, and other entertainment, if we keep the virus under control.

Vaccinations are continuing to run ahead of forecasts in the region and with more tests available on a regular basis we should be able to look to the future with confidence. We all have a responsibility to take care and keep safe at all times.

Traffic is also returning to normal levels and accidents are now happening again as demand on accident repair centres can confirm.

Many drivers have not been on the roads for a long period and I have noticed a lack of indication to turn or pull out to overtake, from too many motorists so please remember to think of all other road users and their and your safety.

Be aware and pay attention to speed limits particularly in built up areas as schools return and the number of bikers increase as the weather becomes warmer.

More bike lines are being provided but both drivers and bikers need to be aware of one another on our narrow roads.

All this will also be more important in the next few months as more visitors arrive in our area on unfamiliar roads.

Stay safe and keep smiling. I look forward to next week.