Netball courts - please support the tourney - are just the beginning of bright new future for Torquay

Torbay Weekly

A very special event is taking place in Torquay on Sunday.  Very special for a number of reasons.

The Torbay Netball league has organised a charity tournament for teams from across the Bay.

It is to raise awareness and funds for the Lullaby Trust on behalf of the league's fixtures secretary Katie Anna Brown.

The league says that not only does Katie do an amazing job with fixtures/results etc throughout the season, but she also works tirelessly raising funds at every opportunity for the charity which helped her and her family and many many more families through very difficult times with the sudden loss of a child.

The tournament runs from 10pm to 4pm and if you want to book a team give Katie a ring on 07809418166.

Committee members will be giving up there day to see that it all runs smoothly and is fun/safe for all teams entering.

The Courts will cost £75 for the day, but the league says that as it wants to raise as much money for the charity as possible it would be amazing if the tournament could be sponsored and every penny raised on the day goes to the Lullaby Trust.

The very special event is being held at what has now become a very special place, the netball courts at Upton Park in Torquay.

The courts and park itself have just undergone a major overhaul which is worth shouting about and the netball competition will be the first major event staged there since the facelift.

It was financed through government money awarded to Torbay Council through its Town Deal funding.  Torquay will get almost £22 million to pay for a variety of projects to breathe new life into the town centre.

Some projects were identified as 'accelerator' schemes and £750,000 was set aside for them to be worked on and completed before the more significant works.

With the bright  new netball courts you can see what you are getting for your money. With the larger regeneration work that's not as easy. Certain processes have to be gone through and the danger is some of us may have forgotten they ever existed in the first place.

But the game-changing schemes are progressing and will be well worth waiting for.

A significant milestone will see detailed business cases being submitted to unlock the first instalment of the £21.9 million investment from the Towns Fund to drive economic regeneration in the town.

The first three projects have been endorsed by Torquay’s Town Board with Torbay Council confirming that they are ready for submission.

The projects will now be presented to Government officials for signing off which will allow these projects to begin delivery later this year.

A rail station at Edginswell, a Torquay harbour Public Realm scheme and a Stronger Future initiative are the three projects ready for submission.

The projects will provide a better mix of uses, creating an improved experience and greater footfall in the town centre, support growth in public transport and are expected to attract additional private sector investment into the town.

The Stronger Future project is aimed at raising skills levels and using Torquay’s cultural assets to inspire events as part of a wider programme of activity that will deliver a high-quality economy in Torquay.

Vince Flower, chairman of the Town Board, said: “The Town Deal helps us capitalise on the recent private investment in Torbay and to really make a difference to the town and community we serve. Delivering the Town Investment Plan is crucial to bringing in much needed funding and investment into Torbay, and with the impact of COVID-19 the need for this is now even more critical than ever. The projects in the place have been chosen for their impact in the short and medium term and their ability to be brought forward at pace."

'Pace' is the key word here.