Nectar-rich flowers bring bit of ‘buzz’ to Torbay

Torbay Weekly

Over one third of a football pitch; about half the area of an Olympic-size swimming pool; two tennis doubles courts... whichever topical sporting yardstick you use for comparison, five hundred square metres of nectar-rich flowers should bring a bit of a ‘buzz’ to Torbay.

Each square metre has been prepared and sown by members of the local community as part of Torbay’s Pollinator Patch Scheme.

The scheme, run by Groundwork South and SWISCo, is aimed at supporting communities to create areas of annual flowers which will provide additional food sources for our native pollinators.

Demand for flower seed has been high this year, with many communities and councils across the UK increasingly sowing areas with a variety of native and non-native flower mixes.

Between them, Torbay groups from Wellswood to Torre and Roundham to Hookhills have sown almost 2kg of seed containing a mix of 14 different flowering plants, including California poppies, flax, cosmos, and pot marigold.

Alongside the community patches are three larger areas that have been sown by SWISCo – Torbay Park in Paignton, St Mary’s Park in Brixham and of course, the area that inspired this with the wonderful floral display last year, the Italian Gardens on Torquay seafront – adding about another 150-200 square metres of ‘pollinator buffet’ to the total.

If you were not able to help create a pollinator patch, there is plenty of opportunity to get involved another way by taking part in citizen science projects relating to pollinators.

From the UK Pollinator Monitoring Scheme (POMS) to the Big Butterfly Count (July 16 to August 8) there are a number of surveys and schemes run by wildlife and conservation organisations that you can take part in, whether you are an expert, amateur or novice.

More action to help our pollinators is needed, so we hope that the Pollinator Patch Scheme will inspire more people to get involved in creating pollinator friendly areas in their gardens, on their balcony, at school or even at their workplace.

For more information about Green Spaces in Torbay please contact Hannah Worthington on 07940510616 or email