My first drive of the new Mustang Mach E 

Torbay Weekly

At last Ford’s new all-electric car arrived at our dealership giving both my team and our customers the opportunity to see and test drive this exciting new addition to the range.

I remember driving a Ford electric vehicle some 20 years ago called Think, bought from a Norwegian company,  and enjoying the experience.

Unfortunately, Ford decided they could not produce it at a price which would be competitive enough to sell.

This is Ford’s first all-electric car and with a price range between £40,000 and £60,000, this will be attracting a new group of customers to the brand.

There is a range of models in terms of battery size, range, equipment and performance but all models will have a good range with zero emissions.

Ford wanted this to compete with Tesla’s top of the range and decided it deserved no less than the badge of their iconic Mustang.

This was guaranteed to upset traditional Mustang owners who are used to the sound of a big V8 and will also be horrified the Mach E has been designed as an SUV, albeit a very sporty looking one.

It is available with either a single motor driving the rear wheels or dual motors coupled with all-wheel drive.

Power varies between 258 bhp to 337 bhp with a GT version following later in 2021 with 459 bhp and a 0-60 mph of just 3.7 seconds.

The car available to drive was the one expected to be the best-selling model which is fitted with the dual motor and extended range battery giving all-wheel drive and 345 bhp.

This model reaches 60mph in 5.1 seconds which will satisfy most performance car drivers and driven sensibly has a range of up to 335 miles.

Also because of the size of the batteries, it will be possible to recharge a 70-mile top up in under 10 minutes.

There are three driving modes which are there to suit your desire for economy and performance but Ford rejected the conventional Eco, Normal, or Sport. In the Mach E on your 15.5-inch screen you will be offered 'Whisper', 'Active' and 'Untamed'.

Accommodation is comfortable with space for four passengers and as well as a traditional roomy boot there is a space under the bonnet of 100 litres which is plastic-lined with a drain which is ideal for those muddy boots or wet weather gear.

Impressed with the looks, once I sat behind the wheel I felt completely at home and as I am used to driving an electric car was happy to set up the 'one pedal' mode which provides gentle braking when you take your foot off the accelerator pedal and saves brake wear at the same time as regenerating the battery.

With the batteries sitting under the floor the centre of gravity is such that it adds to the overall stability and it is obvious the engineers have set up the steering and suspension for European roads.

I felt I was in a sporty car and was impressed with the handling particularly through the bends.

I liked the ride but it may be too firm for some on this model.

I think this will be an exciting addition to the Ford range and when I take delivery of my own Mach E will let you have more details of my experiences.

Stay safe and take care while enjoying hugs with family and friends. I look forward to next week.