Mum's bid to open new chapter on diversity message for Bay's children

Torbay Weekly

A mum has launched a campaign to raise further awareness of diversity and inclusion in Torbay primary schools.

Joanne Isemede, a British Nigerian, has organised a fundraiser to raise funds to buy books with different characters and race.

Joanne said: “In today's society, other ethnicities are portrayed in a negative light on media platforms that is not encouraging to children with ethnic backgrounds. The time has come to prove to children of colour that they too can be featured in books and be what they want to be without prejudice because of their ethnicity.”

She adds: ““Black history month is always celebrated; however, black history extends far beyond a single calendar month. As a black mum of African descent, I am raising my children to understand, embrace, and celebrate all cultures, understand their uniqueness and how different races are beautifully and wonderfully made intentionally to create a world that is diverse, and colourful, yet all belonging to the same human race that is the same in every sense.
“Children learn from what they hear and see around them and if taught at an early age to understand and appreciate racial diversity, they'll ultimately grow up to appreciate the values of one another with love and kindness.”

She adds: “This will help school children understand and learn about various cultures and values in school. One good example is cocoa girl&boy magazine which I regularly purchase for my son and daughter and in doing so helps them to understand their cultural heritage whilst being ‘full English’ according to my son at the same time.”

Joanne has initially raised £150 and provided 13 books at the Shiphay Learning Academy.

She says: “This initiative has given me the drive to accept the challenge of raising funds to reach out to the other 30 state funded schools in Torbay.

“I hope people can support with me in my effort to create a world free of racially motivated behaviour in our children because in the words of Nelson Mandela "no person is born hating another, therefore if hatred is learnt, Love can certainly be taught’.”

The GoFund page for donations is here: