Motoring: Jaguar trio favoured by Inspector Morse... and bank robbers!

Torbay Weekly

‘Grace, Space, Pace’ was an original Jaguar advertising slogan used in the 1960s depicting the MK2 sports saloon, favoured by Inspector Morse and bank robbers, the cavernous MK10, as used by the Kray twins and the E Type.

Jaguar Cars was created from Swallow Sidecars who changed their name after World War Two to avoid the connection with the SS.

The MK2 sports saloon was unfortunately targeted by villains as an effective getaway car and many got stolen just before a bank raid.

The Police Austin Westminsters of the day could not keep up.

The MK10 had the biggest rear seat of the time and with doors almost a foot wide, was impossible to fit in most domestic garages.

Meanwhile, the E Type could be as docile as a pussycat on a night out at the theatre yet viciously quick on the road and track.

Only a Formula 1 car was quicker on a timed lap at Goodwood race circuit.

According to the useful ‘How Many Are Left’ website, there are over 6,000 E Types but only 100 of the MK10.

The explanation is simple.

Restoration costs for an E Type are easily £50,000 for a full rebuild on top of the car itself.

But this is feasible when the finished article is worth over £100,000.

However, the MK10 not only would cost more to restore than the E Type due to its bulk but only has a top value of around £30,000 or less.

So, the simple economics renders the poor old barge unviable to restore, hence the rarity of them now.

This same principle applies elsewhere with other marques.

British Leyland made some diabolical rubbish in the 1970s and 1980s with the Marina and Allegro shining examples.

Not content with foisting those monstrosities on us, they carried on with the Maestro and Montego into the 1990s.

The Rootes Group were no better with abominations like the Avenger and Chrysler 180.

But because the renovation costs vastly exceed any residual value, that is why you hardly see any of these ghastly things today.

We have to be grateful for small mercies!