Motoring: Is the new Land Rover Defender a future classic? 

Torbay Weekly

Paul Jolly, classic car specialist and valuer:

The new Defender has been on our roads a couple of years now and I have written about it before but am intrigued to know, will it be a future classic like the model it replaced.

If a car is a hit when released, it is likely to go on and get classic status in later life.

This one is certainly a hit if the one year waiting list is anything to go by but the story doesn’t end there.

The reason for the wait is a shortage of supply caused by Covid-related factory shutdowns and component production issues, along with great customer demand.

These factors have affected all current car production but they don’t result in people paying £10,000 over list for an equivalent Audi or BMW.

Yes, that is right.

Defenders which cost new £60,000 can trade hands at £70,000 on day one and be worth at least £60,000 even when a year old with 9,000 miles on the clock.

This happened back in 1971 when I was selling the newly released Range Rover and latest Jaguar XJ6.

The premium people were paying to get their hands on these things was about 15 per cent over list price, about the same as now. Both those examples have classic status to this day with early three-door Range Rovers easily worth more now than a new Defender, if it is concours.

So, the future is looking good for the latest offering from Slovakia.

Yes, that’s right. Surprisingly, they are not made in the UK but that is nothing to worry about.

If this appeals, it may be worth waiting a few years for values to settle down, as indeed they will, and wait until the initial years massive road taxation costs abate before thinking about buying one.

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