Motoring: 'Barn' find Mini set for new lease of life - and another 60 years

Torbay Weekly

Alec Issigonis’s most famous creation lives another day and here is a perfect example.

The Mini story is well known from its release back in 1959, taking the world by storm with a classless design for the family but also bought by the rich and famous.

This included rock and film stars and even royalty, such was its broad appeal.

Just 10ft long and capable of taking a family of five on holiday or indeed winning the Monte Carlo rally three times.

Who would have thought such a car could survive over 60 years and achieve classic car cult status.

After all, they were built to a price and no one expected any cars of the day to last more than 10 years.

Mini Coopers now command over £40,000 with early ‘standard’ cars such as this white one seen en-route to a new life and a full restoration, being worth upwards of £15,000 when finished.

The cost of a rebuild to ‘as new’ condition would be well over £15,000 commercially but such is the universal love and affection towards these little gems, that many examples get personally restored by new owners who want a classic car for their family to love and enjoy just like their predecessors decades ago.

This may take years to complete in their own home garage but the labour of love will be worth it.

Family outings to classic car events and the Sunday drive are what it is all about, with no financial considerations involved.

This particular car is a very early 1961 850 Morris Mini which had just one owner and around 50,000 miles when the family parked it up many years ago.

Now unearthed as a ‘barn’ find, it will get a new lease of perhaps another 60 years ahead of it.

It has just been acquired in South Devon and is in remarkably straight, original condition albeit in need of full mechanical reconditioning.

On its way with the new owner for another life.

It is almost unthinkable that this very car may have a life expectancy of over 120 years!