Mopping up after rain dampens summer fun

Torbay Weekly

When is Noah brining the Ark?

He’d better hurry up before we get washed away!

What a difference a day makes, on Saturday I’m was in shorts and a T-shirt and on Sunday I’m in jeans and a jumper, mopping up the rain from my leaking conservatory... happy days.

Why does it always pour down when you’re trying to get the uniforms dried on the washing line so they smell fresh and ready for the Sunday night ironing fest?

Life can be so cruel sometimes, and what a rock 'n' roll life us parents lead.

It’s a good job there are the Euro football games are on the TV or life would be so boring (emoji rolling-eyes face).

As if I’m watching any game except the England ones, and I watch those under duress.

My sister is a very keen football fan, and regularly calls to remind me that I should be watching this game or that.

She eagerly supports a Premiership team and Torquay United, remembering her roots.

I did watch Torquay’s promotion game last week and I have to say I was very disappointed in the result and the shocking decisions made by the referee.

Pretty sure in games that have significance we should have VAR but what do I know - I am a girl after all...

I do think it’s great that us girls are getting to play every kind of sports these days. It certainly wasn’t an option for me when I was at school.

I would have loved the opportunity to kick a ball or play some cricket.

Luckily, I’m getting a chance to play cricket, and I know I’m too old for football now and wouldn’t have the stamina or pace but I do reckon I could stick my chunky carcass into a scrum or two and wouldn’t be too much or an embarrassment.

What am I saying, of course I’d be an embarrassment - my teenager tells me that I am on a daily basis, and about how little I know about life and that I don’t have a clue about school, boys and well anything really... (emoji rolling-eyes face)