Mission accomplished for Bay cruise ships fan Caroline

Torbay Weekly

For Bay cruise ships fan Caroline Sleeman it's Mission Accomplished.

Caroline was determined to recognise the relationship built up between the English Riviera and the ships. She complied a book of contributed photographs of boats to sell copies and raise money for the Royal National Lifeboat Institute.

With a little help from the Eat That Frog organisation the dream became a reality. Not only that but with more help, this time from the Torquay harbourmaster's office, she managed to get copies out to the captains and their crews.

Caroline said: "They will be  delivered to the captains and crew of the Oosterdam,  Marella Explorer,  Queen Mary II and Arcadia ships as a momento of their historical' stay. I was fortunate to have communication with Captain Daniel Bolton of the Oosterdam who said he was looking forward to seeing the books."

Books and calendars are still  on sale. They can be purchased at eatthatfrog.ac.uk/store.