Minibus donation will help to transform lives

Torbay Weekly

The amazing donation of a minibus from Torbay Taxis to local community interest company, Tissues and Issues, will make a massive difference to the parents and carers of young people with a recognised disability or additional needs.
The minibus was purchased for £6,000 by Torbay Taxis after they were asked for assistance by Tissues and Issues.
“They asked if we could donate the minibus and one of our directors, Louisa, is closely affiliated with the organisation,” said Paul Le Huray from Torbay Taxis.
“We were delighted to help and it’s great to see that our contribution will allow the parents, carers and kids an opportunity to spend time together.”
The donation will now enable more people to attend events hosted by Tissues and Issues.
“The generosity of Torbay Taxis is just incredible,” said Jackie King, Founder of Tissues and Issues. “The minibus will mean those who were struggling to attend our youth groups can now be picked up.
“They will have the opportunity to meet other parents and carers, while the children get to make new friends, so it absolutely means the world to us. We can fit wheelchairs in the minibus, so it is totally disability-friendly.  
“In the future, it could also mean we are able to plan day-trips. It opens up a lot of new opportunities for our parents and children.”
Tissues and issues is a group of parents/grandparents/carers of young people aged 0-25 with a diagnosis or pending diagnoses of additional needs/disabilities. The group exists to support each other through the ups and downs of life, whenever needed.
They run youth groups for different age groups, under 5s, 6-11 and 11+ once a week at The Woodend Project, Mincent Hill, Torquay. These are fully staffed, so the children can experience the woods safely, whilst interacting with their peers. Parents/Carers need to stay for the groups and this is a great way to receive support and understanding from other people in the same situation.  
Find out more about the organisation by visiting