Mid Devon paving way for eco-friendly future

Torbay Weekly

Sustainable energy provider GEUK has recently conducted a study that reveals which councils across England are paving the way in terms of on-site renewable energy installations, eco-friendly initiatives for staff to partake in, and the use of renewable energy tariffs.

Information was obtained utilising a Freedom of Information request, sent to a total of 181 councils, of which 145 responded.  This information has been segmented into ‘councils by region’, the results split into four tiers depending on their answers to all three questions, those who answered ‘yes’ to all three, those who answered ‘yes’ to two, those who answered ‘yes’ to one, and those who answered ‘no’ to all.

The following questions were asked; Does the council take any of its energy from on-site renewable energy installations?  Are there any eco-friendly initiatives for staff to partake in?  Who is the main energy supplier for local council buildings, and are you on a green/renewable tariff?

Among the Tier 1 scorers in South West England, Devon appears three times. West Devon Borough Council, Mid Devon District Council and East Devon District Council all achieve top-tier status for all having on-site renewable energy installations, providing incentives for staff and being on green/renewable energy tariffs with their providers.

Exeter City Council has over 2MW of installed Solar PV across their buildings, while being Net Zero Ambassadors and encouraging staff to live sustainably by promoting a Green Travel Scheme and putting in place recycling initiatives in-house.

A recurring theme in the study is councils being demoted to Tier 2 due to being on non-renewable tariffs with their energy providers.  This runs true for Torridge District Council and Teignbridge District Council.  There were no councils in the South West found in Tier 4, making North Devon Council the lowest-scoring council in South West England, placing on its own in Tier 3.

In total, 79% of council buildings are reportedly powered by renewable energy, with over a quarter (37%) of local councils stating they are not on renewable energy tariffs with their suppliers. 9% of councils surveyed do not currently provide any eco-friendly initiatives for staff members.