Luke Does Bubl�

Michael Buble gives a musical thumbs up to Bay artist

Torbay Weekly

Torbay artist and tribute act Luke Hingley, better known as Luke Does Bublé, has received some very special recognition from his musical idol.

When posting a short video on social media site TikTok, Luke, 28, sang an extract from a Michael Bublé song and received a comment from the man himself, who said: “There are times I thought it was me.”

To receive such an endorsement from an international artist could be massive for the former Westlands School (now Spires) student and Luke has set himself an ambitious new target to catch Michael’s attention when the Canadian superstar performs at Powderham Castle in July.

“I’ve been a tribute act for eight years,” said Luke. “I’ve always loved performing, enjoyed the music of Michael Bublé and people used to compare me to him vocally. My mum was from a musical background and that encouraged me to pursue music as a career.

“I now gig four or five times a week all around the country and it was a fantastic boost when Bublé himself actually endorsed me. I never thought that would happen and a massive deal for my career.

“It is now my mission to try and get him to sing with me when I watch him in concert at Powederham Castle on July 25. I’ve got front row seats and a big sign that will hopefully catch his attention because he often interacts with the audience and invites people on stage.

“There are other tribute artists that have had a nod from him but, as far as I know, he’s never actually compared himself to a tribute artist. I am so humbled to receive that recognition because there is no better endorsement or promotion for someone like me.

“I spoke to Robert Lamberti, who is a renowned tribute artist to George Michael, and he said that it doesn’t get better than that. Even though it might have been a tongue in cheek comment, it’s not something an artist would normally say. It has already opened new doors, as I’ve got a theatre show with a full band starting next February.”