Message rings out loud and clear: the bells are back

Torbay Weekly

The church bells are back

Church bells have been an important part of the life for hundreds of years. The only previous time that they have remained silent was in a ban during the Second World War. But lockdown saw the bell towers become silent once again, with only limited ringing allowed for a brief period during last summer.

But now they are back and the Mid Devon Branch of The Guild of Devonshire Ringers is holding a celebration meeting. Stokeinteignhead Church is the venue on Saturday September 4 from 2.30pm to 5pm. Before lockdown the branch met about twice a month. During lockdown various on-line activities kept the ringers in touch but this will be the first time since then that they will meet “in person”.

Branch Ringing Master Martin Mansley said: “We are particularly keen to meet any bellringers who have recently moved to the area or who used to ring but have not been involved for some time. Refresher courses and workshops are available. If you are not a bellringer, this would also be a good opportunity to learn more about this very English Art.”