May market is best since 2011 but recovery is slower than hoped

Torbay Weekly

A combination of raw material shortages, factory shutdowns and the availability of certain models have contributed to a disappointing month for new car sales.

However, order banks are strong and June is expected to return to pre-pandemic levels.

Electric powered cars continue to grow market share as more choice and an increased number of plug-in and hybrid models become available.

They now represent more than 40 per cent of the market in 2021 and will continue to grow throughout the year.

Family-size cars continue to dominate with SUVs also popular in spite of criticism from some sources.

Volkswagen continue as market leaders with just 250 sales more than Ford, in second place.

Van sales continue to remain strong and it is forecast stocks will run out or be extremely low by the end of the month.

Ford are outselling their nearest rival by three times and the Ford Transit has been Britain’s best-selling van ever since its debut in 1966.

Business and particularly the increase in online sales is responsible for this as home deliveries continue to be the choice for many, at least until confidence of returning to pre-pandemic life returns.

Many believe it will take time and new and different shopping offers to reverse what many see as a convenient and hassle-free method of buying.

Electric sales will grow as cities throughout the UK bring in congestion charges and many of the large delivery companies are looking to overcome this with small electric vans taking over deliveries for 'the last mile'.

These charges will drive sales of the larger electric vans in the future and supply may well struggle to meet demand.

Shortages of raw materials have affected many other products and to add to the semi-conductor issue there are now many industries struggling to meet customer demand.

The travel industry uncertainty has once again caused holidaymakers to stay in the UK rather than risk travelling abroad.

The recent change of Portugal from green to amber has put further pressure on travelling and as a result it is proving difficult to find vacancies at hotels.

All products associated with camping and self-catering have sold out and are now unavailable.

Sports equipment has also been in demand and outdoor activities returning have meant these and leisure items are also in short supply.

Gardening, building supplies, domestic appliances, laptops and textile shortages are all affected.

At least over the bank holiday and half-term period we welcomed many families to our beautiful area and helped bring a little fun and relaxation into their lives.

We hope next week we will hear further positive news from the Government that the next stage of relaxation of the rules can go ahead and vaccinations will continue to be offered earlier to more and more people.

The goal must be world coverage in order we can all travel with confidence and minimise further outbreaks of the virus.

In the meantime keep safe and keep smiling until we meet again next week.