Masons help dementia charity with its music-for-all campaign

Torbay Weekly

Paignton's Courtland Masonic Lodge have helped the local Purple Angels charity with its MP4 Player campaign.

They have presented Elaine Waddingham from Purple Angels with 30 MP4 Players including headphones and 16 SD Cards.

They are used to help dementia sufferers relax and enjoy memories through music. The MP4 Play FM Radio Music and can store songs of their choice as well as photos of loved ones.

Dennis Huxley, whose idea it was and Phil Greenway, the Lodge Charity Steward, said that they have been supporting this cause for some time now and with the support of the other members of Courtland Lodge will continue to do so in the future.

The FREE MP3 & MP4’s for all with dementia in UK campaign has been a huge success

About 150 are sent out every month both locally and UK wide and each one has been paid for by public donations as they get no government aid like other large dementia organizations. It costs about £1,300 each month to do this.