Majestic opportunities for a new career choice

Torbay Weekly

We are delighted to welcome Majestic Tours to our Jobs Campaign, promoting the wonderful range of career opportunities in the hospitality and tourism industry.  
Majestic Tours is a family-owned and run business started way back in 1984. James Wright, the founder, had been in the hospitality trade for many years operating a variety of businesses including pubs, bingo halls and hotels.  In 1984 he was busy with the Carlton Theatre in Teignmouth. His brother, Ricky (later to be a celebrated Director of Cardiff City), owned the Majestic Hotel in Bournemouth.  
James occasionally helped manage the hotel and saw an opportunity for ‘off-season’ coach tours and created the very first ‘Readers-Offer’ holidays.
And so Majestic Tours was born, providing top entertainment and themed holidays. Very soon, new destinations were added and James’s son, Mark, joined the young business to help with the ever-increasing demand.
In 1989-1990, James and Mark, couldn’t find a hotel in Torquay that provided the atmosphere they wanted for their clients. There was only one thing to do, buy one. They purchased the Templestowe Hotel in 1991 and it became an instant success.
It continues to provide the best in shows and cabaret and has won numerous awards as a top entertainment hotel, all the while maintaining a welcoming family feel.
“The variety of career opportunities available with Majestic Tours is a great source of pride for us,” said Ian Evans from Majestic. “We have just launched our latest brochure and that is a huge task involving lots of people putting the artwork and words together, and mailing it to thousands of people.
“We offer career prospects, as well as seasonal work. If people do just want a holiday job, we can usually find something.
“We’ve got people at Majestic who have started working on the bar and now working in management positions at the hotel. We treat our guests as one big family and the employees are a key part of that family.
“There is a lot of loyalty to the business and it gives our staff added security because when the holiday season draws to a close around October, they know they’re job is still safe.
“The hotel environment is unique and that family atmosphere is something you will find across the industry. Working in hospitality is incredibly diverse and you are certainly never bored.
“There is a terrific social aspect to the role as well because our employees spend their working time engaging with people who are on holiday. We also design our shifts so that people get to enjoy their own free time.
“There are so many roles within the industry, from bar and waiting staff to maintenance, marketing, accounts and management. If you are good with your hands, good with people, good with maths, any skill set can be applied to the entertainment and hospitality world.
“When people progress from their education, sometimes they don’t have a clear idea of what they want to do for a living and hospitality provides flexibility, and an opportunity to find your own way.
“My own story is a perfect example. I’m originally from Cheshire and the career options we were given was to either work at Shell Oil Refinery in Ellesmere Port or Rolls Royce in Crewe, or the local Council.
“They were the biggest employers at the time but my career started with managing pubs. I was also at university studying sound engineering and I was into music, television and recording on a commercial basis.
“I then got into nightclubs, which I loved to bits, and I’m now looking after the marketing for a travel business. Every skill is transferrable to the hospitality industry”
For more information about career opportunities at Majestic Tours and to learn more about the holiday business, please visit