Loving home for Bluebell but sadly help arrived too late for William

Torbay Weekly

I will regale you with a few of the think we have been dealing with this month.

Firstly, we took a call from a vet asking us to take in a little grey cat, she’d had two prolapses and the owners could no longer care for her.

We called her Bluebell. She is a tiny cat, about the size of a four-month-old kitten. In the few weeks she has been with us she had two more prolapses, the vets did a purse string procedure, we are keeping our fingers crossed that this time it will hold!

If not, the next step would be more serious surgery. Once we can be sure she is OK, we can spey and vaccinate her.

We already have a few people interested in offering this little cat a loving home.

The second case, William, an elderly cat found straying in Dawlish.

A lovely friendly boy, who settled well with his foster mum, however needed vet treatment for very poorly eyes, which were infected and sore, his sight was minimal.

The condition meant his own immune system was attacking the eyes, and despite treatment failed to improve.

William was an old boy, with a myriad of other health issues and it was felt kinder to let him go to sleep with dignity.  The only consolation was he had a few weeks of nice food and a kind warm home.

We reiterate to people that if you see what you think is a stray, in poor condition please always get in touch with either local rescue or a vet, we will all work together to secure some help. Sadly, it was left too late for William.

Lastly, we have been getting the shop ready for reopening when it is safe to do so, our regulars will see quite a few changes.

As ever, we are keen to recruit volunteers for the shop, either front of house or behind the scenes.

If you want to contact us, please phone 01803 392550, email felinenetwork2009@gmail.com or see our website www.felinenetwork.co.uk