Lockdown lessons have taught this motorist the joy of walking

Torbay Weekly

Despite over 31 years here in Devon at the same post code, my wife and I have experienced five different walking routes from home that we have never been on before.

This all since the first lockdown. What does this tell you?

Well, we have all been too busy to take in our wonderful neighbourhood until now.

The exercise has also been beneficial.

The overhead cacophony of larks and other birds has also been truly awesome. Always there but until now, never heard.

Watching the daily changes to the banks and hedgerows has been just spectacular.

The fabulous spring weather certainly helped but there really are few places better to have been locked down in than our very own parish.

It has also been fun re-visiting the old Ordinance Survey maps and taking them with us for interesting detail along the way.

There really is nothing like a good coastal footpath walk to reconnect with where we are all so fortunate enough to live.

Thinking carefully about what is required on the shopping list before venturing out has made significant travel savings we never even thought about before.

Dual family shopping also reduces car journeys. Not sentiments you might expect from a motoring correspondent but the benefits are there for all to see.

Taking the odd vehicle off the road, even just for a month or so, saves road tax and fuel.

I have noticed a sense of guilt when driving and getting those questioning stares from pedestrians only to give them back when I am out walking.

What will we take from all this when Covid-19 is behind us?

Who knows, but walking a mile or so each way to see neighbours is now not the unthinkable journey is might have been in the past.

It just doesn’t get any better than spring in Devon.

The sun has just popped out so I’m off out!