Life feeling more normal as we live with Covid

Torbay Weekly


Over recent weeks, life in our Bay has felt much more like normal, as, following the drive to increase the booster vaccination programme, restrictions have been eased.

Whilst Covid has not disappeared, the number of new coronavirus cases confirmed across Devon and Cornwall has continued to fall over recent weeks, with the numbers of Covid-related patients in hospital falling as well.

Any impact of the return to “Plan A” would have been seen by now, so the continued drop gives confidence in going further towards Covid-19 being dealt with on a similar basis to all other health conditions, through medical guidance and interventions, rather than specific legal restrictions.

The core goal of the vaccination campaign was to break the link between cases and serious illness, hence with over 86% of Torbay’s population having received at least one jab, the current number of cases is not driving the levels of serious illness we would have seen if there had been similar case numbers this time last year.

Some exceptionally vulnerable to Covid-19 have already received a fourth jab and vaccination will also be offered to all 5–11-year-olds over the coming months to further increase our community levels of immunity.

The last two years has seen our community work together to defeat what was the most lethal threat since the darkest days of the 1940s, including those who shielded at home and those who worked every day on the frontline providing key services, with a new generation stepping forward to volunteer, just as their Grandparents and Great-Grandparents did during previous national emergencies, even though the exact risk they would face was not known.  

These tremendous efforts ensured our NHS was not overwhelmed and some of the predictions made in March 2020 about how Covid-19 could hit our community did not come to pass.


When the Berlin Wall fell it seemed like Europe had been released from a threat of war, which had hung over it for decades.

Many felt the advance of peace and democracy would be inevitable, with war between nations a thing of the past. Now, as Russian forces build up on the Ukrainian Border, the shadow of war once again hangs over Europe.

The Government is working for a diplomatic solution, yet if we only issue words of support when a democratic nation is attacked, we will all pay the price ultimately. Therefore, uniting with our allies to send a clear message Russia will pay a significant price if it does attack is not just vital to protect Ukraine’s security, but our own.

Surgery Times

My next surgeries are on: Saturday, 26th February 11am till 1pm at Torquay Library, Lymington Road, Torquay TQ1 3DT and Saturday, 5th March 10am till 12 Noon at St Martin’s Church, Barton Hill Road, Torquay, TQ2 8JA.

For an appointment, you can either email me at or leave a message on 01803 214989, surgeries are for personal queries from residents they would like me to help them with, such as housing or welfare, rather than a wider policy debate. There are also drop-in sessions at my office 5-7 East St, Torquay, TQ2 5SD between 10am & 1pm Monday to Friday where a member of my team will be available to help with any queries