Lenny gets his teeth stuck into new film role

Torbay Weekly

Torbay comedian Lenny Windsor really got his teeth into his latest role - as a vampire.

Lenny has spent much of his career performing amid the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas and numerous cruise ships  All that was  brought to an abrupt end - at least for the time being - with the pandemic.

But Lenny has been  back under the lights working on a new film for television.

Immortum is a Kings Collins Productions film which will be an eight-part series for TV.

Lenny plays the part of Charlemagne who is there to transport Vampire Romeo - otherwise known as locally-base actress Jemma Carlin-Wells - to wherever she wants.

Lenny says: "The first episode was filmed in Devon, and a lot in Dartmoor. I don’t know at this time the channel it is going out on.

"I went to London to cast for it about two months ago. This is not a comedy it’s a Vampire drama."

Bet he had to bite his lip a few times