Leisure resort shows confidence in Bay’s future with website launch 

Torbay Weekly

One of Torbay’s largest employers has shown confidence in the Bay’s future by investing in a new website.

The strong staycation trend and popularity of the English Riviera as a destination of choice for UK staycations has given TLH Leisure Resort great confidence in the future of their business and the tourism industry on the whole.

"The new website is one of many significant investments currently being implemented with the aim of improving the overall guest experience.” said Jason Garside, managing director at TLH Leisure Resort.

Guests will benefit from the new and improved website experience, which aims to make browsing and booking by mobile and tablet easier than ever before.

Vicky Hinchliffe, senior marketing executive, at TLH Leisure Resort, said: “We’ve had a long-standing partnership with Exeter-based AB Brand and Marketing Agency, who have created the new website with our users’ needs in mind and with a mobile-first approach.

"This reflects how guests have become even more accustomed to buying and paying for goods and services online during the Covid-19 pandemic and expect their online experience to be seamless.

"Our new website certainly achieves this.”

The new website - www.tlh.co.uk - is now live with useful information for both hotel residents and local visitors.