Legs 11, top of the shop and Glamorous Granny Fanny - what a night of entertainment

Torbay Weekly

If you want a night of eyes-down looking with the Glamorous Granny Fanny, the Babbacombe Theatre is the place to go.

Bingo Revolution is coming to the theatre on Saturday August 28 at 7.30pm.

Evidently,  If you have played Bingo in a traditional bingo hall or even just dabbled in some online bingo, you’ll know the call for the number 87 when called is, 'In Torquay, Devon'  - so that is where you can enjoy the wacky phenomenon.

Glamorous Granny Fanny is, in fact the hostess. Comedian Cal Halbert will be on number calling duties and DJ Jim Slipp will be playing all the smash hits from the 80's, 90's 00's and today.

Life-changing prizes include a dinosaur, kitchen appliance and cold hard cash. In case of draws, there will be pig throwing contests, cock fighting, lip sync battles and dance offs.

Call 01803 328385 or refer to the venue's website; www.babbacombe-theatre.com