Launch event for new group offering help on 'Beeingwell'

Joseph Bulmer

A special group is being officially launched in Brixham with a focus on mental health.

Before the pandemic, a group of people who live in the town felt they wanted to do something positive to help local residents.

Brixham BeeWell says Brixham is a close knit community and a beautiful place to live They want to build on those assets by offering a safe space and a listening ear to all who need it.

It is holding a launch event on Tuesday October 12 between 11am and 1.30pm on the Harbourside.

It comes just after World Mental Health Day on October 10. Beewell says: "It doesn’t take a world day to remind some of us how important good mental health is. It’s the foundation of everything. We all have mental health. But sometimes it’s better than at other times.

"What does it feel like to have good mental health? According to the Mental Health Foundation it means we can feel, express our emotions, form relationships, and cope with uncertainty and change. It means we have resilience to deal with the problems that come our way.

"Poor mental health is the opposite. It’s when things get too much for us, we can’t express how we feel, and in some cases, through no fault of our own, we feel so bad we need help to get better again. Some people reach a place so low they try to take their own lives. But there is always hope, and no one should ever need to feel they are on their own.

"This is where Brixham BeeWell came in. There is always something we can do."

Everyone is welcome to the launch and to hear about Brixham BeeWell. There are several ways to get involved including accessing free training in how to talk to people about their mental health and wellbeing or promoting good mental health in your business or your neighbourhood..

Beewell says: "As we emerge from a pandemic, many people are feeling especially low, and finding it hard to get back on their feet again. There are ways we can promote and support wellbeing in our friends, neighbours and colleagues. You might want to offer safe spaces to talk – in your café, barbers, or shop."

Several Brixham businesses have already signed up to be a ‘safe space’ and train their staff in talking to people about their mental health.

At the launch, Torquay-based Tom Chapman, from the Lions Barbers Collective, which started in the Bay, will be talking about his work training barbers to be good listeners so they can be there for their clients and help them find support for their mental health when they need it.