Last minute shortage of Brixham Lottery cards

Torbay Weekly

The Brixham Lottery outlets are reporting increased sales as deadline for the draw on 6th Oct at 730pm in the Birdcage Public House, New Road (opposite the Town Hall) approaches.

The Brixham Lottery has already delivered some amazing prizes, including a Spitfire Flight (543 tickets sold), a luxury cruise for two people (345 tickets sold), an electric bike (331 tickets sold), or alternative cash prizes amounting to thousands of pounds. The latest prize is £1,000 or Lifetime Membership of the National Trust, which is proving very popular.

The spokesman for the Brixham Lottery said: “There is no need for panic buying as a few are still available at local shops over next few days.

“People know that our Lottery Cards make an excellent alternative to normal cards for any occasion. Also, local people see the outputs with new local murals, floral displays, small projects and planned future free public celebrations. One hundred percent of income generated goes to a local project or good cause.

There are a few tickets still available in a wide range of local shops on Middle Street at Flour Flower Cafe & Florist; Shells Colours of Brixham Art Shop; Chris Slack Photography; or Fore Street Dobles Jewellers; Trinity Cakes or the Chart Room (Foundary Court).

The Promoter of the Brixham Lottery John Brennan said: ``The secret of our local lottery success has been that it sells very few tickets, so people know they have a good chance. In the National Lottery it is 1 in 45 million.

“People see where the money goes on local projects, such as wall murals. Even if you don`t win, you are getting something out of it locally.

“If people buy several Ticket Cards for family and friends, they increase their chances dramatically - probably the best panic buying, as your money goes further.”

For further Information, if you cannot find some tickets, please contact John Brennan on 01803 852270 / johnbrennan@brixham