Ladies making a dash in world of motor sport

Joseph Bulmer

It’s a brave correspondent who touches on this subject but, here goes.
There is a subtle reason why lady drivers are actually a lower insurance risk, especially in the 18-25 year group. They do not have that macho ‘something to prove’ bug that so often puts young men and their passengers at risk.
Late night car chases are seldom found to involve female drivers. Furthermore, the lady driver tends to concentrate on the task ahead and generally they think better than their male counterpart.
Motor sport is very much male dominated, starting with karting, but girls are making a great push back now. There are notable female drivers in the junior formulae who are breaking new ground. They have the advantage of being lighter than the boys, and every pound saved shortens lap times.  
Many notable women drivers have fought their way into the male dominated sport, including Pat Moss, sister of Stirling Moss. She was a highly acclaimed and successful rally driver throughout the European circuits, including Monte Carlo. Cars she drove included the Austin Healey 3000, the Mini Cooper S and Ford’s Lotus Cortina, so a real cross section of hardware.
Heard of Rosemary Smith? Another world class rally driver whose successes included the East African Safari, the London to Mexico and the Monte Carlo. Her alliance with Rootes Group was world beating in the works prepared little Hillman Imp. This 83 year-old still relishes a fight at any set of traffic lights, so beware a little old lady in a blue rinse giving you a wink!
More recently, a name you may have heard of is Susie Wolff, wife of Toto Wolff the CEO of Mercedes F1 racing. Susie had a most impressive single seater racing car career, which culminated in being the F1 Williams team test and support driver until she became pregnant. She also was a breath of fresh air commentating for Channel 4 Formula 1 TV coverage.
We must also remember the late Sabine Schmitz, Queen of Nurburgring, who famously beat Jeremy Clarkson’s Jaguar lap time, ‘In A Van’.