Jodie wants to go BIG on helping others

Torbay Weekly

Single mum Jodie Beer from Paignton has set up The BIG Social to bring people together to fight Isolation.
While Jodie was dealing with a separation during a pandemic and still trying to take care of her two small children, she realised that she was also struggling with social anxiety - all whilst her family lived miles away from her.  
She was lonely and wished there was a way of meeting new people and trying new things, but with Covid restrictions and battling with her own mental health, she did not know where to start.
Then, during one sleepless night, she came up with an idea that would bring people together for adventures, new experiences, and also introduce an easier way to make new friends along the way - this is how The BIG Social was born.
“I am passionate about health and fitness,” said Jodie. “I am also a huge believer in surrounding myself with like-minded people, keeping active (not only physically but mentally too) and most importantly living life to its fullest.
“I decided to organise a wide range of weekly meet-ups and make it as accessible and as affordable for everyone as possible. To do this I have set up a pay monthly subscription, as well as a pay-as-you-go option. People can then simply book for events that are included in their subscription, or pay a small fee for each event with the bonus of a discount if they subscribe.  
“The events will range from guided coastal walks, beach days, evenings out, to glamping, theatre trips, and even bouldering. The possibilities are endless.”
Jodie also plans to arrange a big annual holiday for The BIG Social group that will provide an affordable and fun-packed adventure for all who have suffered alone and need a much-deserved break.  
Are you new to the area? Have you just come back from Uni? Are you simply feeling isolated? Or perhaps, like Jodie, you are fighting depression and just struggling to get back up? Then this group is for you. Jodie would love to meet you and wants to make everyone feel welcome.  
Contact Jodie on 07775 335413 or email