Jim Parker: Paignton - town with a great story to tell

Torbay Weekly

A little delegation looking to see what Paignton had to off were pleasantly surprised. The visitors were from consultants Thinking Place.

Their fact-finding mission was all about gathering information about the town as part of the 'Torbay Story' - a project looking to encapsulate in a narrative/story fashion exactly what Torbay and its three town has to offer to the outside world.

They hadn't heard exactly nice things about Paignton but after their short visit they thought it was a fantastic place and absolutely key to the Bay's overall story.

I am glad to say they are not alone with their views. I am obliged to council leader Steve Darling for making me aware of a Mail online feature praising the town no end.

It was generally about seaside towns being brought back to life by people looking to move away from the city after lockdown working from home.

The article said:  "While seaside towns may conjure up images of tacky hen weekends, depressingly chilly holidays from your childhood or deathly boring retirement towns, some of the UK's neglected coastal hotspots are rapidly becoming sought-after hipster havens for millennials escaping the grind and high property prices of big cities."

And of Paignton. It said: "For those who long for a tranquil town where everyone knows everyone and crime rate is exceptionally low, look no further than Paignton.

"This Devon town was dubbed the 'Safest town in the UK' in 2018 by MoneySuperMarket, and recorded the least amount of crime in the country.

"This sleepy seaside town, which comes with an easily accessible beachfront and rows of prized traditional beach huts, has been a popular resort for years.

"In fact, MoneySuperMarket found that Paignton and Bideford , also in Devon, reported the least amount of burglaries across the UK in 2021.

"Buyers who wish to escape the pollution of the big city will find that the cleanest bathing waters in the UK, if not Europe, are located in Devon.

"New numbers released in January by Defra showed that 100 per cent of the classified bathing waters in the South West and locally have passed their stringent standards, with 98 per cent rated as or ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent,’ compared to just 28 per cent in 1991.

"This means that enjoying a dip in the waters of Paignton and the surrounding beaches will be as safe as can be for swimmers.

"While Paignton might be quiet, there is plenty to entertain, with a host of young entrepreneurs have opened bustling businesses for a young crowd."

The Torbay Story celebrates Paignton for its family fun on the foreshore' and for its hi-tech companies leading the world.

It has a great story tell!