Jamie Yost shines a light on the struggles of single parenting in new single

Torbay Weekly

Like most budding artists of 2020/21, alternative singer-songwriter Jamie Yost has been tucked away working hard at both harnessing his craft and navigating the digital music world, as an independent musician would in a global pandemic.

Jamie has graced us with many releases in the past, including 2018 single ‘Runaway,’ which gained over 100,000 streams online.

His sell-out launch of his EP ‘Aurora’ helped pave the way for the many festival appearances that he’s had, sharing stages with some of UK’s best award-winning artists.

Since we last saw Jamie, he’s been busy conjuring up his latest release, ‘One of a Kind,’ a powerhouse which pays homage to the hardships of being a single parent.

“For me, it's a little reminder to be thankful,” said Jamie. “The inspiration for this one came from personal experience really, it’s a kind of thank you letter to my mum. For One of a Kind, I wanted to really push the message as it's something that means a lot to me.”

The track, to be released on July 9, encompasses the struggles of single parent life from the perspective of Jamie, who has decided to use One of a Kind to raise awareness around single parent support.

He said: “I decided to reach out to an amazing charity called Gingerbread, who focus on helping struggling single parents and drive to make sure they’re treated fairly. I’ll be using the song as a platform to raise awareness and fundraise for them.

"I’ll be doing a livestream, a show where all merchandise sales and donations go to the charity and also a music video geared towards raising awareness.”

True to his style, Yost has created a song that is dense, hearty and powerful in One of a Kind.

It’s a heavily laden track even in the build-up, packed with meaning, purpose and the most beautiful atmosphere.

It’s accompanied by lyrics so poetic, which are given life through the emotional connection that Jamie brings in his vocals.

You can hear the track live at Rockets and Rascals in Plymouth on August 7.