Jacob achieves life-long dream

Torbay Weekly

Torquay boy, Jacob Clarke has only really ever had one career ambition.

His Mother, Anne Marie, says that ever since his earliest days in nursery education, Jacob was interested in history and became extremely proud of his heritage.

As he grew older, he always loved the pomp and ceremony of traditional royal occasions and, whilst his friends were watching football, he would be more likely seen watching a film or a documentary about the Kings and Queens in British History.

As a teenager he made a trip to Blenheim Place and visited Winston Churchill’s Grave at the small graveyard at the village church in Bladon, where Britain’s wartime leader was laid to rest in front of a global audience in 1965.

From primary school, he has attended Remembrance Day parades and made trips to London with his family to see the Trooping of the Colour.

When asked by Anne Marie and husband Richard and his careers department at St Cuthbert Mayne school, Jacob had one ambition, to join the army and become a Grenadier Guard at Birdcage Walk close to Buckingham Palace.

As soon as he could, he applied for that privilege and a long journey has seen him achieve his life's dream and Jacob was honoured to be a member of the prestigious Changing of the Guard ceremonies at the Palace earlier this month.

If not the height of some of his colleagues, Jacob more than matches that in standing tall with pride and dedication, having achieved his stated ambition.

Every parade and march is an honour that he was worked so hard to achieve and his parents, having been initially very nervous about their first born entering the military, are now extremely proud.

Anne Marie said: "We were so proud to see him on parade, knowing how hard the journey has been and how much it has meant to him. He really has achieved the dream that started at a very early age.”

Congratulations Jacob, a fabulous example to all that hard work, dedication and passion cane bring the ultimate rewards.