It's the Sue and Sarah show at Torquay's Artizan Gallery

Torbay Weekly

Artists Sue Williamson and Sarah Morris are worlds apart in the subjects that they paint and print, and yet the works in their new show “Contrasting Environments” are rewardingly complementary and coherent, taking audiences on a cross-continent journey from the sharp city lines of Stockholm, to Venice’s shimmering canal reflections, all the way to the rural coastal fields of Devon.
Torquay's Artizan Gallery welcomes this stunning two woman show from the accomplished pair of Devon artists, whose artistic explorations are found exclusively in their experiences of the landscapes they pass through.

It is this emphasis on experience that binds the work, whilst the subjects, with Sue’s focus on urban and built environments and Sarah’s on more rural plains, offer pleasing juxtapositions of subject matter and scene.
“Our individual interests in landscape are very complementary and our creative intentions, and to some extent practices, have similarities. Each of us is striving to say something of our responses to places that are of significant importance to our experiences, and which inspire the need to communicate and involve the viewer in the journey”  says Sue.

Sue’s paintings emerge from first-hand experiences of her travels to European cities and towns. Her intentions are to recall the visual and emotional experiences of time spent exploring these urban environments. Observations are recorded in the form of drawings and photographs.

Sarah specializes in woodcuts, all of which are printed by hand using a wooden spoon and rollers, allowing better control on the printed areas. Working with wood allows her to control depth and intensity, building layer upon layer of rich colours.
She is a keen cyclist and when out riding has been inspired by the vivid, bright, and often stark nature surrounding her. Colour is an integral part of her work, as she seeks to reflect the richness of these landscapes

“Contrasting Environments” runs at Artizan Gallery in Lucius Street until June 19. For more information about the exhibition and other upcoming exhibitions, visit or to find out about our work, visit