Injured Liam Davis reveals 'out-of-body' experience

Torbay Weekly

Kyle Cameron issued an emotional farewell to Torquay United before his recent move to Notts County, but his former Plainmoor teammate Liam Davis - the club's longest-serving player - has also departed with an equally heartfelt message to Gulls fans... and understandably so.

Even though the start of his United career was delayed by a foot injury and the last 18 months were spent trying to recover from three ankle operations, the 34-year-old attacking left-back was one of Torquay's most popular players.

But now, released by the club after four years, he is trying to get fit enough first to play again and also to plan the rest of his life.

An ever-present in United's 2018-2019 NL South Championship season, former Coventry, Northampton, Oxford, Yeovil and Cheltenham player Davis sustained a career-threatening ankle injury in an FA Cup tie at Maidstone United in November, 2019.

It was his 100th appearance, and he has not played since.

"I've been working as hard as I could, right through the three operations. After the third one to repair the ligaments, I am now walking more comfortably," he said from his family home in South London.

"I couldn't keep staying at the club not playing, and it got to the point where they waited as long as they could to see if I could get fit."

Davis revealed: "When the injury happened, it was an out-of-body experience - I remember looking at my foot, and I came out of my body and looked at myself from above.

"The referee didn't even come to me, I think because I saw the shape of my ankle and I reset my foot on the pitch, so it didn't look so bad.

"The last year or so have been tough for everyone, but it's been a roller-coaster for me, trying to keep mentally sane.

"I like to think I could play again at some point, but you also have to think about your life after football.

"I hope I haven't left on a sombre note, because the Torquay fans were always great with me.

"I wish them and the club all the best, and I hope to come back to see everyone soon."