Indoor bowls: 'A' team win all four rinks

Torbay Weekly

Torbay Indoor Bowls Club 'A' started their Devon Interclub games with a game against the Torbay 'B' team.

This was expected to be a close encounter but  it ended up with a convincing win with the 'A' team winning on all four rinks.

S Davis, Paul Hobbs, Dave Vinnicombe and Mark Powell won 26-15 against J Stone, D Coombes, A Hawke and M Chapman.

D Ferris, S Howard, P Hackett and R Honeywell won 19-13 against I Armitage, A Routledge, E Devonport and J Cherrington.

M Howard, R Gilpin, G Coffield and D Singleton won 26-19 against R Bushell, T Powell, R Dunn and G Heaven.

E Knight, T Lock, G Foster and A Bowden won 33-12 against S Jenkins, R Sandercock, N Godwin and C Ball.

Torbay 'A' 104 shots. Torbay 'B' 59 shots - the 'A' team get maximum 14 points.