Incredible feedback about we are changing lives for the better

Torbay Weekly

This is what the Purple Angel Dementia Campaign is all about! This is why we do what we do at the Purple Angel and have been doing for two years... supplying MP3s to help those who need our help the most.

And best of all? We do it for free!

Just look at the incredible feedback we receive and how it changes lives. These are only two examples of so very many we get on a weekly basis.

Can you imagine being sat there, trapped in a haze of confusion and forgetfulness and then suddenly, somebody comes along and plays your very favourite music too you, reminding you of all the good times you had, the memories of loved ones and work colleagues come flooding back.

They play only music that you like and not just some random songs, some of which you might not like at all.

Your mind when listening to the music, takes you back to your dancing, singing days, or when you played in a band or played a musical instrument.

It reminds you of yourself, or your children growing up, the day you got married or went a courting - all the things that this awful disease of dementia tries to rob from you, steal from you so cruelly, all brought back by a simply putting your own personal favourite music on an MP3 and placing it on your head, over your ears for you to enjoy.

Here at the Purple Angel dementia campaign, we are so incredibly proud it all started here in Torbay years ago and will continue to help all those in Torbay and the UK as best we can.

Enjoy the sunshine all!


Hi Norman,

Some well-deserved feedback for your team. H spends a lot of time in bed, vision is very poor had a magical moment thanks to you guys. I explained the MP3 player and helped put headphones on then went away. When I returned I could hear H singing down the corridor as clear as day, I entered, there was H who had a big smile on her face and said it is lovely.

E at times becomes anxious. I explained the MP3 player. She decided to give it a go and was dancing around to the music brought a lot of joy.

EI's feedback was it was wonderful and felt like home again beaming smiles and appeared to give great comfort. Thank you so much this was just the first try and will be repeating.


Just want to let you know we have received the free Purple Angel  MP3s and we are absolutely over the moon with them and so are the residents.

A hasn’t stopped smiling since she received hers she is the biggest Elvis fan and has walked around the building singing all-day

E has been showing everybody and can’t believe these weren’t put years ago she’s really over the moon and also hasn’t stopped singing.

J is very athletic for her age and loves to go on her exercise bike she’s really enjoyed listening to her favourite songs while enjoying her daily exercise.

We have a couple of residents we feel would really benefit as well from MP3s if we could request a couple more I have some spare song sheets I printed.

Thank you so much and for your kindness.