Important news if you need to have an MOT in September

Torbay Weekly

As a result of last year's DVLA extensions, it has been estimated there will be an additional 580,000 MOTs required in September.

As a plate change month, September is busy traditionally and last year many garages were not able to cope causing some anxiety for their customers.

Some dealers will be encouraging customers to bring forward their MOT with offers in order to avoid the possibility of turning them away and losing their business later.

Around 50 per cent of the MOTs that were required in March last year are now due in September creating this spike and dealers will be ensuring they have a plan and the capacity.

My advice is do not leave it to the last minute.

Business continues to be confused by lack of clarity from Government and, in many cases, is therefore making its own decisions to keep both employees and customers safe by retaining their safety procedures including the wearing of masks.

Customers will be asked to wear masks but will not be refused admission but it is hoped they will understand it is as much for them as employees.

There is also some scepticism about the Track and Trace app with so many people being pinged and having to self-isolate for ten days as in one week in July over 500,000 were pinged.

This was an increase of over 46 per cent on the previous week and has continued to rise with the increase in cases of Covid-19 and is casing more and more business closures.

The hospitality industry is badly affected by this and with the busiest part of the holiday season yet to come, will concern many businesses in Devon and Cornwall.

We all need to keep safe and try to stop the spread of this pandemic.

The recovery in the motor industry is slightly below the level the Society of Motor Manufactures and Traders had expected for new cars but the used car market continues to perform above expectation.

There is no let up in used car price inflation with prices continuing to rise as shortages increase.

It also seems people are prepared to go further to purchase the car they want with online sales holding up very strongly.

More and more dealers are investing in under-cover vehicle transporters which allows you to buy online and have delivered to your door.

Locally, dealers are there to advise you before your purchase, supply your choice, make sure you receive a proper handover to explain all the controls and technology and then look after your purchase until ready for your next one.

As I hinted in previous articles, some new car manufacturers are now looking at supplying customers directly and there is concern for many dealers’ businesses in the future and the effect it could have on pricing.

Watch out for further news in this column.

Stay safe and keep smiling. I look forward to next week.