I'm going to miss the cruise ships that have kept us company in our darkest hours

Torbay Weekly

This week we remembered those who lost their lives to Covid and 12 months since the country went into its first lockdown, for many a sombre week of reflection.

There have been some heart-wrenching stories on the television, Kate Garraway’s husbands’ story in particular.

They really have an awful 12 months, and it’s not over for them yet.

I am going to try and be positive this week and look forward to better times to come.

We can, only hope now that we are coming out of this terrible year, the vaccine will win the day and our lives can start to go back to some sort of normality.

We are all missing the company of family and friends, and I for one can’t wait to hug those I haven’t seen for a long time.

I also can’t wait to meet outside the house, go for coffee and dinner and see the inside of someone else’s four walls!

Having endured my column for a couple of weeks you know I try not to think very often - it’s too dangerous - but thinking about how I can’t wait to see family and friends for a hug made me think of those who don’t have anyone to hug – which is harsh reality for many.

One of my neighbours passed away during the first lockdown, he lived alone and didn’t have any family, as he was shielding a few of us would cook an extra plate of dinner, get him some shopping and look out for him.

On VE Day when the street came out to celebrate, socially distanced of course, we all raised a glass in his honour and memory as we weren’t able to do that at his funeral.

I was struck by the community spirit that was shown, not just on my doorstep but all across the country that day, and I really do hope that when we come out of this that spirit remains and we continue to support and look out for one another.

There is one thing - a few actually - that I will miss when life returns to normal... seeing those cruise liners in the Bay, especially at night they really do brighten the night sky and they have kept us company in our darkest hours.

So onward and upwards, Easter is on its way, fingers crossed the sun shines - I'm hoping the sun will continue to shine from now until September and we can all enjoy a happy ‘normal’ summer.