If only May had followed in April's footsteps

Joseph Bulmer

May certainly seems to be making up for April in the weather stakes - especially with the rain

April rainfall totalled just  4mm  - the  long-term average for the month is 56mm. Last April recorded 43mm and April 2012 recorded 180mm.

The latest figures come from Mark Rowe,  Torbay's former deputy meteorologist, with data from Mark Baker at Oldway in Paignton.

The wettest day in April was the 30th with 2.5mm, with just eight days when measurable, albeit , miniscule  amounts fell. There were no days with  a 'trace'.

It  was the driest April since 1976 when 3.6mm fell and the driest of any  month since May 1989 when 1.3 mm fell. Only 2 other Aprils have been drier, 1896 with 2.6mm. The driest of all was 1938 with 2.3mm.

The month will be remembered for its abundance of sunshine. But there were also cooler than average temperatures. In fact, there were many ground frosts and even air frosts away from the immediate coastline.

There were wintry showers on the 6th with hail on the 12th. On the highest Moors, snow settled, albeit briefly, at  times around  the 12th and 13th. There were no gales recorded.

The maximum temperature , despite the copious sunshine , was just 16.5c/62f on the 1st and the minimum was 0c/32f on the 10th.

April 2021 was the 21st driest of any month in Torbay since the 1890's. It is extremely rare to record a month with under 5mm locally.

But then came May!

The month has started on an extremely wet note with over 56mm of recorded on 13th, making it the wettest day locally since December 2013.

The downpours have wreaked havoc with the local sporting calendar, especially the Devon Cricket League where the first three weeks of the season has been  washed out by the deluges for many clubs.

The rain and wind also hit some hospitality businesses who were only allowed to serve guests from beer garden and other outside areas until lockdown restrictions were further eased this week.

As Mark Row said: "The saying goes: 'There's none so truly pays its' debtas wet to fine and fine to wet'."