I fear for the future

Torbay Weekly

This is not really a dementia-related piece this week but, in some ways, it is, as the fear of the future is within us all, whether its people just living their lives as they should or people like myself with life limiting illness.

The fear of what’s about to happen is with us all at some time, and no more so than now with what’s going on in Ukraine. We have all watched on in horror at what’s happening, but how many have thought about this?

These are people, just like me and you, who, one day, they were going to school, to work, to the cinema to the pub, the next? They are being slaughtered in front of their families and friends, gunned down or bombed whilst the world watches on. This is 2022 isn’t it?

The Russians have entered and invaded a European county just like ours, and are repeating history once again like the second world war, the only thing is this time we watch and not act. The thing is, the lunatic that’s called Putin knows that, and he won’t stop there, he will go on to Moldova, and Latvia etc. because they are not part of NATO, so he can just carry on as he wishes!

This cannot be right. But, I can hear you say, what’s the answer? Nobody wants a third world war, nobody in their right mind would, but how long can we stand back and watch the genocide, because that’s what it is, happening right in front of us in real time.

I have no answer, but one thing I do know is sanctions will have no effect whilst other countries are backing Russia, buying their oil and exports. Sadly, I must predict that we, as the UK, cannot deal with this on our own and NATO just has to step in at some time, the world has to step in at some time surely? For the sake of humanity, for freedom and democracy, something has to be done.

I, like others weep each night, knowing that sometime soon, Ukraine will be captured, their President (possibly the bravest person I have ever witnessed) will be captured, or worse and once again the world will be under threat by a rogue state whose leader has completely lost the plot.

May Your God help us all

A message to all in UKRAINE, in the best way I know how....


Just when you think you can't take any more

Look in your heart and step through that door,

The door that says, "This way please"

"All your problems and worries, we will ease"

As You find the strength to step through that door,

Looking for peace, to be anxious no more,

Someone in the distance is waving you through,

A familiar face, yet you don’t know who?

The closer you get, the steadier the walk,

Worries disappear like watered down chalk,

You know deep inside who you can trust to the end,

That familiar face? yes, it’s your very best friend,

When times are so hard, and you have nowhere to turn,

When worries pile up, and depressions returns,

Remember your friends and those closest to you,

We are ALL here to lean on, In all that you do.