I challenge you to reduce plastic consumption by just one item each

Torbay Weekly

It’s July! Summer has arrived, the days are longer, our evenings stretched out so we can enjoy time on the beach with friends/family and the sea is starting to warm up - or so the wild swimmers tell me anyway.

Living by the coast has never felt so special.

July also means it’s Plastic Free July… a fairly new name for the month, but one that oozes with importance, and I hope it catches on as much as it should.

Plastic Free July asks us all to have a stop and think about the amount of plastic we consume in our daily lives.

Let’s be honest, most of us are guilty of purchasing items covered in unnecessary plastic - often, we can’t help it.

In reality, it’s such a wonderful product, cheap to manufacture and buy and yet so versatile but our lack of reusing and recycling has let it become a worldwide big issue.

Throw a global pandemic into the mix and we have an mass of plastic PPE disposed of on the daily.

I’m certainly not here to suggest that you should cut out everything plastic for the month of July. Sadly, I feel like it would be too difficult for so many of us to accomplish but imagine if we all reduced our intake by one item.

It could be anything from using a cardboard box to carry your groceries back to the car - trust me you can get a lot more in a box than a carrier bag and it’s free - #lifehack - or refusing those pesky sachets of sauce for your food... most places can put the sauce on for you.

You could swap the superstore shop to your local greengrocer for fresh fruit and vegetables as they tend to sell loose products - plus you are supporting your local too.

Maybe you could bring all those plastic bags you have sitting in another plastic bag, you know the ones, that tend to be kept in mass either under the sink or in ‘that’ drawer in the kitchen… absolutely no judgement here, I am guilty of it.

Should we take them out of the kitchen and put them in our car instead?

I certainly recommend putting one in your bag too- the easiest way to do so without it taking up too much space is to fold it  into a triangle shape... a bit like you do when you get a packet of crisps down the pub. If you have no idea what I mean, go and have a little Google - it’s a game changer!

Or maybe reducing your plastic consumption boils down to reusing the bottles you already have for the likes of tap water, or replacing your toothbrush with the bamboo ones.

Either way, I challenge you do reduce your plastic consumption by one item for this month.

Our friends over at Torbay-based clothing brand Total Tidal have recently launched new clothing made entirely from plastic bottles. It really is quite amazing!

The bottles go through a process before they are morphed and magically created into these super soft comfy T-shirts – I couldn’t quite believe how nice they are to wear!

Worth checking out their website/social media as they themselves are all about being planet friendly and sustainable.

It starts from the material they use for their garments – all the way to the ink they use to print.

They also have a range of kitchen and bathroom products too, plus they’re local, do it’s a double whammy winner! @totaltidal

If reducing plastic in your daily lives is not your cup of tea, or maybe you do as much as you can already, there are other ways of helping throughout July - and beyond.

Particularly in Torbay we have some wonderful groups that arrange weekly coastal clean-up: Surfers Against Sewage, Till Coast Clear, Keep Britain Tidy, Torbay Cleaner Coast and even at Brixham Town Council all have events lined up.

Please follow them for more information.

If you decide to take the plunge are remove an item of plastic from your daily lives/shopping – what ever it may be, please keep me updated as I would love to hear from you! @fishcombecovecafe