I can’t help but feel the ‘holiday vibes’ are infectious

Torbay Weekly

What an week of amazing weather we have just had, the sun has been shining and recharged everyone’s batteries!

Whether you have a slight tan on the go or feel happier in yourself, the general word on the street is that everyone feels much better for the sunshine.

It has been great seeing Brixham harbour bustling with people dressed in their summer shorts and T-shirts rather than the winter jackets and umbrellas – what a difference a week can make.

I’m sure the seagulls are just as happy to have humans eating ice creams and chips in their town too, we all know not to feed them, but they do take matter into their own beaks sometimes.

The last week has been so busy down on little Fishcombe Cove, a mixture of wild swimmers, paddleboarders, families, dog walkers, and lots of people on holiday.

The café had the busiest week it has ever seen over the bank holiday and half-term.

Looking at the amount of people who have visited, it’s just what the economy needs after a fairly slow start to the year.

I am so proud of the team at the café, despite the fact it got very warm and busy inside our little kitchen and the queue quite literally did not stop, considering there is only three of us in total, they worked endlessly to ensure the decking was clean, sanitised and that everyone’s orders were out as soon as possible, which I am so grateful for.

I’m very excited to have new members joining the team soon at the café, so keep your eyes peeled for new faces next time you visit –  please be patient with us as we go through the training process as you can imagine a starting a new job in an already very busy environment can be daunting for the best of us.

I hope all of those in the hospitality sector have had a lovely week too, despite working throughout it all I can’t help but feel the ‘holiday vibes’ are infectious - you can’t help but catch the excitement from others.

Outside of work, I have spent my spare evenings being a tourist myself, eating fish and chips, walking along the seafront, going on all the rides at the funfair on Paignton - you are never too old to go on the rides - nearly passing out on the waltzers.

Sunny evenings spent with a fresh swim in the sea - and yes, full length winter wetsuit, boots and gloves were worn, still a little too chilly for my liking - and when possible it has been really lovely to enjoy an after work beer, or two, in the local beer gardens.

Have you been to the Bay View Holiday Park before? They are situated at the top of Fishcombe Hill - rather ideal for us at the Cove - and known mainly for being a holiday park, but over the winter they worked hard revamping their outside seating area.

They have put decking down, put awnings up for when it rains, added new outdoor furniture and are now offering live music from 3.30pm throughout the week, certainly a good spot if you want to listen to music with a drink in hand,  worth popping in next time you're passing.

While you are up on that side of the town, have you recently been to the Brixham Battery Museum?

Having only very recently reopened to the public, they are now open every Friday, Sunday and Monday from 2pm.

They, too, have spent their winter revamping the museum and installing new exhibitions for us to all visit and learn about.

Please do make a special effort to pop by next time you visit, the gentlemen that run it are volunteers and have such wonderful stories to tell, the museum itself is funded by donations so every penny really does count.

The chaps have a wealth of knowledge between them and their museum is absolutely amazing, and the new exhibitions are told to be incredible.

That’s the thing about little Brixham, not only are the houses the most vibrant and colours in the South West, but you also come across the same vibrant list of things to do whilst you’re here, certainly the place to be.