How to get involved with your local music scene  

Torbay Weekly

In the age of social media, getting involved local music seems to have become a bit lost in the noise.

However, now that our local music scenes are starting to open up again, support from the local community is key to helping musicians find their momentum again.

Around 100,000 independent musicians rely on securing gigs at smaller venues and festivals to provide most of their income.

So how do you get involved your local music scene?

Apart from reading the Torbay Weekly to discover amazing local talent, here’s some ways that you can find the best artists from your area.

Go to their shows

A great way to find the best local music is to explore listings on local venue sites, social media, blog posts and artist websites.

If you still can’t find any acts, ask the venues directly.

The support and collectivism in buying a ticket can go a long way for a budding artist, not to mention the morale support from playing a sell-out gig.

If you can’t buy tickets but still want to support local music, make sure you share their gigs with other people who can go!

You can also offer them your useful expertise in an area they might need to outsource. This could be photography, web design, marketing or any other skills which they may need.

Buy their merch

Not only will buying a bands merch help them out financially, but donning a band T-shirt helps with exposure and sparks conversation with other people.

Social media and the internet

Now, Torbay isn’t a big place and with that, you might have to do a bit of digging to get involved with your local music scene.

More often than not, underground and DIY artists are all online.

The movement from print to digital promotions means that social media is the default tool for discovering acts.

By simply searching ‘Torbay music’ you’ll discover events, groups and pages for music in the area.

Now that the world feels a little bit more open, support your local music scene and get involved!