How music has helped the nation in lockdown 

Torbay Weekly

In previous columns, I've touched on the topic of the value of music to society, communities and our wellbeing, a contested subject when faced with an ongoing global catastrophe.

Communities around the world have turned to music throughout the pandemic. It’s helped people to feel connected and closer to a ‘normal life.’

I remember watching the viral videos of Italians serenading one another from their lockdown apartments in an effort to take away the fear and loneliness that lockdown brought for many people across the world.

A study from UK record labels has confirmed just how crucial music has been to the nation's wellbeing throughout the pandemic.

The unsurprising results from study highlights how prominent the transformational power of music is.

The insights show that over a quarter of those surveyed have increased the amount that they listen to music compared to life before lockdown, with 55 per cent of respondents stating that music has significantly helped to alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety throughout the pandemic.

Almost all respondents (94 per cent) said that listening to music helped to lift their mood and 91 per cent agreed that music provided a sense of escapism, allowing them to forget their problems and the state of the world.

Four in ten respondents said that they would listen to their favourite songs when they were bored, with 27 per cent turning on the tunes to boost their concentration levels when working or studying.

The study also highlights the effect that music had on motivation throughout lockdown, with 78 per cent stating that their incentive to get up and go was significantly lifted.

When asked why music was so important, as many as half said that music helped to make them feel happy and raise their spirits, and 42 per cent said that listening to music helped them to get a better night's sleep.

They also raised the importance of music for entertainment and also exercise, with over a fifth of respondents stating the importance of music for this.

It’s clear that music has been a lifeline for communities during this pandemic and its healing powers have helped to improve the wellbeing of millions.

After all, Hendrix didn’t call music his religion for no reason.