House removals at pressure end of lucrative 'property chain'

Torbay Weekly

The coronavirus pandemic has had many different impacts across a whole range of industries, many of them negative.

The property sector, however, has seen a massive increase in the volume of transactions and a surge in income with the dramatic price inflation caused by the ending of the stamp duty relief window and the desire of Londoners to move to the South West made easier by the working from home being a new key player in lifestyle considerations.

The 'property chain' has seen an incredibly busy and lucrative year for those involved in selling houses and those in the legal profession involved in the completion of transactions.

For removal companies, it has also been a busy year but at the end of the chain is always where the pressure is and for local man Simon Binmore, who formed his own company Wemovals in 2019, it has been a year which has swept him away.

Like many who were born in the Bay, Simon returned to his spiritual home after working in Southampton for a number of years.

Growing up in Torbay, the former Westlands school pupil missed the informality and friendliness of the people while working away.

While acknowledging a significant increase in turnover during 2021, it has not been without stress.

As someone who is passionate about customer service, Torquay United supporter Simon hated having to deal with all the cancellations, changes and delays that were caused by multiple chains and pressures to hit deadlines.

He had to use his storage facilities on an ongoing  basis after starting to unpack a house and then hearing completion dates had been delayed.

Simon said: “I want to deliver on everyone’s expectations and get people moved in as quickly as possible in all cases and it has been particularly sad sat with families awaiting the call to proceed with a packed vehicle while the financial transactions completed.

"In my first year, a removal would normally be completed by 1pm or 2pm. This year, the average time has been nearer 5pm."

Simon, while welcoming the extra work, hopes that normal conditions will resume in 2022.