Hop around the Bay with Stagecoach and Hoburne Holidays

Torbay Weekly

A fantastic new partnership between Stagecoach and Hoburne Holiday Park will see the launch of a new bus service taking visitors to all the favourite Torbay attractions this summer.
The Hop 122 Service will stop at the Park in Paignton and transport guests to a world of Torbay treats, as we all look forward to a special summer season.
“We have launched the Hop 122 Service and a great partnership with Hoburne to take all our visitors to the attractions across Torbay,” said Richard Scant, Torbay Operations Manager for Stagecoach.
“As well as the visitor attractions, the service will visit many of our favourite beaches and it’s simply essential for Torbay to have a successful summer after everything we’ve all been through over the past 12 months.
“To see people already enjoying the bus service over the past fortnight has been amazing.”
For the team at Hoburne, the link with Stagecoach will bring new experiences to their guests and encourage visitors to keep returning to Our Naturally Inspiring Bay.
It is another sign for many working in the Torbay tourist industry that the summer of 2021 could be one of the best ever.
“It is a fantastic link up between Hoburne and Stagecoach, offering an open-top bus service through the summer,” said Gary Cook, General Manager of Hoburne Holiday Park in Grange Road, Paignton.  
“The service will run every 30 minutes, stopping at the park, and a fantastic addition for our guests, who can travel through the local area and explore everything Torbay has to offer.
“We’ve got a superb array of services at the holiday park but there is also so much else we want people to enjoy, take in Torbay and hopefully come back again in the future.
“A positive summer is hugely important for Torbay and we’ve seen already that the guests are absolutely delighted to be back enjoying the park. This is just something else that will put smiles on faces.
“It’s been a really tough 12 months but we now feel like we are at the beginning of the end.”