Exiled Torquay United supporters around London, many of them members of the old Capital Gulls club, were so saddened by the recent death of Paul Eva that they have produced a booklet in his memory.

Originally from Paignton, Paul became known as the ‘Penge Puffer’ because of his love for varied tobaccos.

He regarded every United game as a chance for adventure, and would never allow the result to affect his enjoyment of the day.

I once asked him how he had made it from Paignton to Penge. “We haven’t got long enough, mate,” family man Paul replied with a grin. Having gleaned just a few details from his many friends since, I now know he was doing me a favour.

Several of those mates have contributed anecdotes and tributes to the booklet, including several that refer to him as the CG’s ‘spiritual leader’ or ‘patriarch’.

Like fellow London-based fan Alan Pike, who also died last year, Paul will be much missed.