Debbie Johnson from Feline Network writes for the Torbay Weekly

Without funds, no charity or rescue could function. It’s vitally important to have a robust, regular, and varied fundraising schedule.

Feline Network has a large, two-floor charity shop in the centre of Paignton and, in general, are well supported by locals, who not only shop regularly with us but give donations for us to sell.

When you consider, the network’s recent vet bills have been in excess of £5,000, as well as high food bills, you can see the need for a regular income!

Of course, the charity shop and other events would not flourish without volunteers, and Feline Network has very loyal, hard-working people.

However, there are never enough volunteers available and for us, as well as other shops, it means the difference in whether we can open or not.

It is very disheartening when customers get cross with us for being closed, but we cannot open safely without sufficient help.

Volunteering can also gain you a good reference and help you find new friends.

With Covid measures in place, the shop has had to restrict its hours but volunteers have been doing other things, such as auctions and online sales.

The world of rescue never stops, in fact since April Feline Network has helped so many strays and abandoned cats, that it is more imperative than ever to have regular funds.

The network is always looking for new and exciting fundraising ideas, maybe schools could organise sponsored events, which not only help funds but raise awareness too.

A medium evening was planned in the spring but that is on hold. There was also a float in the carnival last year which was great fun. So, fundraising does not just need to be shaking a tin or standing behind a stall for hours!

If you are interested in helping Feline Network raise vital funds or would like to donate either cash or food, please either email or call, or just pop in the shop at 11 Torquay Road on Mondays Wednesdays or Fridays. Call Feline Network on 01803 392550, email or log on to