Can antique or second-hand furniture harbour ‘energies’ from past owners?

My dolls are reputed to be haunted but, so far, they seem to be very quietMy dolls are reputed to be haunted but, so far, they seem to be very quiet

It is said that pieces of jewellery or personal items have sometimes been known to hold the energy of the last person that owned them.

The ability to access this energy is called psychometry. Quite how or why this happens is a bit of a mystery but it’s not only personal items. Some pictures appear to have the same mysterious ability.

For many years it was said that the picture called Crying Boy popular in the 1980s was thought to bring bad luck, it being apparently connected to house fires and other strange events.

You are able to buy reputedly haunted items on eBay, should you be so inclined.

Whether they are truly haunted can only be decided by yourself after you have purchased them.

Haunted items seem to be popular with the curious among us and can also be quite costly. I have two dolls that are reputed to be haunted but as of yet, they seem to be very quiet, apart from the TV turning itself on, on one occasion.

In 2015, a shop in Winner Street, Paignton, had in its possession a very unusual wardrobe.

It was an old-fashioned style of wardrobe with a strange carving of a face on the front of the door.

Some thought that it looked like the devil, although it did look rather like Bacchus or Dionysus, the Greek god of wine.

Customers said they experienced chest pain, or felt uneasy, when in its presence.

The door to the wardrobe was kept locked but it was often found to be wide open again.

I personally locked the door one evening, just before the shop closed, and in the morning it was found to be open again, even though I had the key in my pocket.

I received a phone call from the owner one Sunday afternoon, who was very distressed and asked if I could come over straight away.

When I got there, the place was in a total mess, chairs upturned, the wardrobe door wide open, glass smashed and string hanging from the lightshades and wrapped around numerous objects.

Needless to say, a purchaser for the wardrobe was quickly sought and luckily for the shop owner, someone came forward and bought it.