The seaward side. Credit: LDA Design

Have your say on Paignton sea defence plans

Torbay Weekly

The consultation for improving Paignton and Preston seafronts has moved into phase two – and Torbay Council would like to hear residents’ views on two ideas for each seafront.

More than 400 people took part in the first phase, where they fed back what they like and don’t like about both seafronts.

LDA Design, the independent design consultancy commissioned by the council, have taken on board all of this feedback and have prepared two designs for both Paignton and Preston seafronts.

They would now like to hear from residents, particularly those who use the seafronts, live in Paignton and Preston and have experienced flooding from the sea and from businesses based in the area.

There are four ways for residents to get involved and to share their thoughts on where the best place is for the flood defence wall and the ideas on improving the look and feel of both seafronts:

Online – watch the presentations for each seafront and complete the relevant online questionnaire on the council’s website. You have until midnight on Sunday, June 12, to take part.

The landward side. Credit: LDA Design
The landward side. Credit: LDA Design

Airshow – LDA Design and Torbay Council will have a stand at the airshow on Paignton Green on Saturday, June 4 where residents can learn more and to see 3D models of the ideas.

Social media – join the council’s Facebook Live on Monday, June 6, at 5 pm to watch a presentation and ask questions. If you do not have Facebook you can watch this on the council’s website. If you have any questions, you would like answered on this Live email them to

Paignton Library – paper copies of the presentations and the consultations are available from the council reception desk.

Completed consultations will need to be returned by Monday, June 13.

Councillor Mike Morey, Cabinet member for infrastructure, environment and culture, said: “Thank you to everyone that took part in our focus groups, workshops and online consultation earlier this year.

“Your views and feedback are important to us and have helped to shape this next phase and the ideas for improving our seafronts in Paignton and Preston.

“All of our wonderful coastline brings people to the area, but this part of the Bay is under threat from rising sea levels.

“This is why LDA Design are helping us to explore the type of sea defences that are right to protect the town from flooding.

“I hope those of you who use or live by Paignton and Preston seafronts, particularly those whose properties have experienced flooding from the sea, take the time to look at the ideas and help us shape the improvements to your area.”