Teddy enjoying a new lease of life - Credit: Feline Network

Happy ending for Teddy, a rescued cat

Happy ending for Teddy, a rescued cat

Torbay Weekly

I thought this week I would share with you one of our happy endings. This is what makes rescue so rewarding.

This is also why we need more people to foster for us, to care for the cats who come to us needing love, care, patience and time. These poor cats become stray because people take them on as cute kittens, fail to get them neutered, so they wander off, get lost and turn into scavengers, fighters, or producing kittens after kittens, until they succumb to illness or injury, and die.

Teddy came into the Rescue at the end of last October. He had been living in an outdoor colony after having been abandoned by his family, never having been neutered, chipped or vaccinated.

When he arrived in foster care he was not in a good way. He was in poor body condition and was so frightened he hid under his foster mum's bed for the first three weeks.

Slowly, he began to gain a bit of confidence and we managed to get him to the vet where we spent A LOT of money having his two top canines removed because they were broken and the poor lad was in agony, as well as getting him neutered.

It took him a while to recover and, thanks to his foster mum's love and patience, Teddy gained weight and became a much happier chap. Like most street cats, Teddy tested positive for FIV, so he can no longer go wandering about outside on his own.

Enter an amazing family who decided to take Teddy on... they have begun training him to accept wearing a harness and he is walking on a lead around the garden now.

Here is Teddy today!  Sadly, many of these abandoned cats never get their happy ending. If you donate to Feline Network or offer to foster for us, this is the kind of success we can achieve!